Advice for new inspectors

As of this writing, the State of Oregon has certified over 1500 home inspectors since 1997 and approximately 75% of those certifications are inactive. Home Inspection is a highly competitive business and most people contemplating becoming an inspector grossly underestimate the amount of time and money it takes to establish a successful business and a successful inspection practice.

Working as a home inspector can be a rewarding career, but it takes a significant commitment of time and money to start a business and establish a practice. Anyone considering entering the home inspection profession should make an effort to realistically assess the commitment needed to succeed. Most new and old inspectors are open to talking with new prospects and can provide insight into the real life challenges that are inherent in this type of work.

There is very little opportunity to work as an employee of an inspection company and most inspectors are self-employed.

State of Oregon requirements for licensing, certification, insurance and bond can be obtained at

Membership in OREIA can be one of the most valuable and cost effective resources available to new and experienced inspectors. National associations can be good for general education and for reflecting a nationwide perspective, but they do not address all the issues that Oregon inspectors encounter. If you are contemplating working in the Oregon market, you should be aware of what you will encounter and what the prevailing local professional standard is, beyond what is prescribed by the State of Oregon. There is nothing more embarassing, or expensive, for a new inspector than to have their client or the Realtor come back to them regarding a mistake or error on the inspection report. By attending OREIA seminars and interacting with the membership in person and online, you will learn about local conditions and issues.

By participating in OREIA events you will get to know other inspectors which can help you learn how to deal with consumer complaints. In my 30+ year career as a home inspector I can categorically state that membership in local inspector associations has done more to mitigate and manage my professional liability than anything else I have done.

The Board of Directors of OREIA is currently considering options to pursue that would benefit new inspectors already in the profession and individuals that want to enter the profession. Final decisions have not been made yet. Contact us if you would like more information.