Why be a Member of the Oregon Real Estate Inspector's Association?

If you are a certified home inspector, you know that there's a lot of places you can go to get continuing education. Your license requires that you complete a certain number of certification credits for the Oregon Certified Home Inspector program with the Construction Contractors Board. This education can be obtained online through several sources. But Oregon home inspectors know that to be a professional, you need true local knowledge. Many of our members are involved with nationally based home inspection organizations, but Oregon Real Estate Inspector's Association provides access to local information, local knowledge, and local laws - all specific to the wonderful place we live, the Pacific Northwest. By joining OREIA and attending our seminars, members share what they know with each other and hear from truly local experts. 

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Why Hire an OREIA Member?

As impartial and independent parties to a real estate transaction, our members provide advice and insights to home buyers and home-owners in Oregon. The goal of the inspection is to increase transparency in the home buying process, and increase buyer confidence by reducing the amount of unknown risks and providing an understanding of any issues a property might have.

OREIA is a non profit organization dedicated to ensuring our members provide the very best in class services to Oregon’s home-owners and real estate industry. We do this by providing continuing education, sponsorship of training sessions and seminars to Oregon’s home inspectors and those in the real estate or construction industries.

Choosing a home inspector from among those listed on the OREIA Member List means choosing a home inspector dedicated to providing the best in independent home inspection services.

  • Each member inspector has successfully completed the tough home inspector certification test administered by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board, and has been issued the designation of Oregon Certified Home Inspector by the CCB.
  • All member inspectors listed have verifiable field experience in the performance of home inspections.
  • All listed individuals, in order to maintain their membership status in OREIA and their Oregon Certified Home Inspector credentials, attend educational classes and earn continuing education credits on an ongoing basis.

Seminars and Meetings

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